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“Using a box as a digital screen is a storytelling opportunity that a lot of brands miss. UnDigital makes it all possible.”
Vasiliki Petrou
Vasiliki Petrou
Unilever Prestige
"UnDigital's solution gives brands the power to personalize orders at the individual level. I'd absolutely recommend it."
Jay Group 3PL - Scott Chamberlain
Scott Chamberlain
Jay Group
“Implementing the UnDigital solution has been a game-changer for our fulfillment & customer retention strategy. It's a home run!”
Rob Bowers
Rob Bowers
Concourse Sports
“With UnDigital's In-Package Personalization technology, we were able to reduce customer service calls by 20%.”
Jason Sussman
Jason Sussman
“We've really seen our relationship building and customer loyalty expand since we've been using UnDigital's In-Package Personalization.”
Jenny Thomas
Jenny Thomas
Malibu C
“Using UnDigital's Unboxing Experience Platform has definitely increased our order volume and our happiness with customers.”
Dan Hanlon Super Smalls
Dan Hanlon
Super Smalls
Unboxing Technology

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