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Unboxing Marketing Success Stories

Reviews and Ratings

“Unboxing Marketing has been incrementally beneficial across the board. We saw an 8.2% lift in reorders and a 5.7% increase in AOV.”
Robbi Webb
Robbi Webb
VP of Ecommerce @amika
“Using a box as a digital screen is a storytelling opportunity that a lot of brands miss. UnDigital makes it all possible.”
Vasiliki Petrou
Vasiliki Petrou
Group CEO @Unilever Prestige
"UnDigital's solution gives brands the power to personalize orders at the individual level. I'd absolutely recommend it."
Jay Group 3PL - Scott Chamberlain
Scott Chamberlain
Director @Jay Group
“Implementing the UnDigital solution has been a game-changer for our fulfillment & customer retention strategy. It's a home run!”
Rob Bowers
Rob Bowers
VP of Growth @Concourse Sports
“With UnDigital's In-Package Personalization technology, we were able to reduce customer service calls by 20%.”
Jason Sussman
Jason Sussman
COO @PetPlate
“We've really seen our relationship building and customer loyalty expand since we've been using UnDigital's In-Package Personalization.”
Jenny Thomas
Jenny Thomas
Sr. Marketing Mgr. @Malibu C
“Using UnDigital's Unboxing Experience Platform has definitely increased our order volume and our happiness with customers.”
Dan Hanlon Super Smalls
Dan Hanlon
Sr. Director of Ops @Super Smalls
“With UnDigital, we've seen our customer LTV go up, and that's exactly what you want to see with this type of program.”
Steven McCann
Marketing Director @Toad and Co
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