Toad & Co talks In-Package Personalization with UnDigital

How They Enhanced Their Unboxing Marketing Strategy with UnDigital

Before working with UnDigital, the team at Toad & Co had built their unboxing experience around sustainability initiatives, including recyclable packaging and reusable mailers. Once it was in a place they felt proud of, they decided to explore new opportunities to develop this touchpoint. They were particularly interested in learning how to personalize their unboxing experiences for various audience segments to grow their engagement rates and customer LTV.

That's where UnDigital was able to assist. With our Unboxing Experience Platform, their team was able to:

  1. Develop token-based personalized marketing messages for very niche segments.
  2. Relationship build with customers and educate them about their brand.
  3. Track, analyze, and optimize the performance of creatives to increase customer LTV

Here's an example of a campaign they've used to increase brand loyalty and drive their reorder rate up over time.



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About Toad & Co

Since their inception in the early 90s (yes, when two-way pagers were all the rage), they've held a penchant for savoring life's simple pleasures, embracing the unexpected, and occasionally relinquishing control. These principles keep their spirits buoyant and furnish them with the vigor to prioritize what truly matters – endeavors such as enhancing outdoor accessibility for all, procuring the most sustainable materials, collaborating with environmentally sound factories, and innovating ways to achieve more with less.

From their headquarters in California to their various storefronts nationwide, they endeavor to be exemplary neighbors wherever they are present – a commitment that has earned them the distinction of being named to Outside Magazine's "Best Places to Work" list an impressive 14 times. Whether engaged in kayaking adventures or simply unwinding, they strive to minimize their ecological footprint while maintaining an optimistic outlook. This approach is their contribution to fostering planetary well-being and human happiness.

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