PetPlate Reduces customer inquiries 20% and lifts NPS to 70 with UnDigital - Case Study

PetPlate delivers custom dog food diets to pet owners around the world but they needed a solution that could dynamically generate feeding instructions with each outgoing package.

Here's how they leveraged UnDigital's in-package personalization to provide 1:1 marketing and drastically reduce their CX load while increasing retention.


Automating Their UnBoxing Experience with UnDigital

PetPlate set out to provide dog owners with high-quality, human-grade, whole food meal plans for their furry family members. They wanted every meal plan to be tailored to the specific needs of each pet but this presented a unique challenge. How would they dynamically generate their feeding guidelines for each user based on their dog's diet?

That's where UnDigital was able to assist.

Sending feeding guidelines ended up being only one of their accomplishments. Using UnDigital's in-package personalization solution, PetPlate was able to:

  1. Make their customer's journey easier and increase NPS to 70
  2. Send dynamically generated marketing materials in every package
  3. Educate customers about their dog's personalized diet
  4. Utilize multiple in-package personalization tokens in their unboxing experience

The Automated Result:

PetPlate Feeding Guidelines

Shortly after implementing a personalized unboxing experience through UnDigital, PetPlate saw a 20% reduction in customer inquiries related to their custom meal plans and a massive spike in their Net Promoter Scor.

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About PetPlate

From the day their founder Renaldo learned the truth about how mass-market pet food is made, PetPlate has had a simple mission: make better food for dogs so they can live longer, healthier, happier lives with their families.

Four years later, they’ve delivered over 15,000,000 meals and treats to dogs across the USA!

Their commitment to quality, safety, science, and exceptional taste comes through in every bite of our food.

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