Gainful Shares Their Experience Working Alongside UnDigital

Crafting a Next-Gen Unboxing Experience
with UnDigital

Gainful started their unboxing experience program with a basic box and an item. Their team knew they wanted to build out this physical touchpoint, but they needed help figuring out where to begin.

That's where UnDigital was able to assist. Our unboxing marketers helped them to develop a strategy:

  1. Target non-subscribers to increase enrollments
  2. Attribute new signups to unboxing through the use of tracked QR codes
  3. Apply in-package personalization tokens to their campaign creatives
  4. Increase UGC on social platforms by providing a novel unboxing experience

Here's one of their campaigns to help you better visualize the way their using UnDigital's Unboxing Experience platform.



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About Gainful

Gainful is a pioneering company in the health and wellness industry, known for its unique approach to personalized nutrition. Founded with the aim to revolutionize the protein supplement market, Gainful offers tailored protein powder blends catered to an individual's specific dietary needs, fitness objectives, and lifestyle choices. Customers begin their journey with a comprehensive quiz, which informs their custom protein formulation, ensuring that each blend aligns perfectly with their goals. To enhance user experience, the company provides individual Flavor Sticks, granting users the flexibility to adjust tastes as they desire. Beyond just supplements, Gainful emphasizes holistic health by granting customers access to registered dietitians, reinforcing their commitment to genuine, individualized care in the world of nutrition.

Embracing the growing trend of personalization in wellness, Gainful stands out as a beacon of innovation. Their business model, which merges cutting-edge nutritional science with consumer-focused convenience, has positioned them at the forefront of the supplement industry. With an ethos rooted in transparency, quality, and genuine personal care, Gainful offers bespoke protein blends and fosters a community where informed choices and optimal health go hand in hand.

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