Frequently Asked Questions

We've helped organizations of all shapes and sizes implement In-Package Personalization. We've answered a lot of questions over the years. These are a few of the most common.


What is UnDigital's In-Package Personalization technology?
In-Package Personalization by UnDigital is a marketing technology that enables brands to personalize printed collateral for every unboxing experience. Best of all, it happens in real-time without impacting your fulfillment center's efficiency.
How does In-Package Personalization work?
In-Package Personalization functions similarly to an email marketing platform. Your team can design creatives, add personalization tokens, set audience segments, and schedule campaigns within our platform. Once a campaign is live, the very next customer who orders from you will begin receiving personalized collateral. 
Why should brands use In-Package Personalization?
In-Package Personalization is for brands who value relationship-building tools. The application of personalization in digital touchpoints has been wildly successful. With UnDigital, your brand can begin to optimize a physical touchpoint (the unboxing experience) and drive increased reorders and loyalty.
How does In-Package Personalization boost customer loyalty?
In-Package Personalization boosts loyalty through relationship building. With UnDigital, your brand can build an entire customer journey across any number of orders and products. Every time someone orders from you, they will get something new, unique, personalized, and compelling. Something that drives them to explore more of your offerings or helps them to develop a stronger affinity for your brand.
What kinds of personalized messages can be included in the package?

If you can imagine the design and pass the data points, you can deliver it as a personalized print inside of your unboxing experience. Enterprise brand marketers have found a wide variety of loyalty-building applications for In-Package Personalization, and you will too.

This is your opportunity to:
  • Graciously thank Erica for being a first-time customer.
  • Invite Raj to explore an exciting and relevant LTO.
  • Give your customers an unboxing experience they will share with friends.


How does In-Package Personalization improve the unboxing experience?

From a revenue perspective, In-Package Personalization will increase your reorder rates and brand loyalty. From a customer perspective, you'll begin delivering something new and exciting that will put a smile on their face from day 1. You'll go from providing a generic unboxing experience to giving them something special inside every outgoing package.

How can I integrate UnDigital's In-Package Personalization into my current marketing strategy?
Your unboxing experience is arguably one of your most important touchpoints. In-Package Personalization enables you to begin optimizing the unboxing experience the same way you would optimize your search ads or email campaigns.
How does UnDigital's In-Package Personalization compare to traditional digital personalization techniques?
In-Package Personalization is best thought of as an extension of digital personalization methods. Your marketing team will use a digital platform to create, measure, and optimize your unboxing campaigns. The only difference is, the end result will be a personalized print that gets delivered inside each of your outgoing packages.
Does In-Package Personalization work for both B2C and B2B businesses?
Yes. Whether you're shipping to consumers or other businesses, In-Package Personalization can be used as part of an effective relationship-building strategy that drives revenue for your brand.
How does UnDigital ensure privacy and data protection in the personalization process?
With UnDigital's end-to-end data integrity and security strategy, our platform will empower your team to remain confidently compliant at all times. For security specifics, please reach out to
What resources does UnDigital provide to brands for implementing In-Package Personalization?
UnDigital provides access to our In-Package Personalization platform, as well as a dedicated marketer to assist in driving revenue for your brand. Our team has helped major brands deliver millions of unboxing experiences, and we'll work with you to ensure you benefit from those learnings every step of the way.
Can I customize the design and layout of the personalized messages?

Absolutely! Our platform is a template builder for the unboxing experience. You can create and design personalized prints in whatever way you see fit.

How does UnDigital measure the success of In-Package Personalization efforts?

UnDigital’s In-Package Personalization campaigns (in the vast majority of cases) are designed to generate revenue and drive reorders. If a customer receives one of your campaigns and places an order within a brief window of time, that revenue is attributed to your campaign, and the results will speak for themselves. We've tested this across millions of packages, and customers who receive one of our personalized unboxing experiences are 25% more likely to reorder than customers who received generic messaging.

Ultimately, each customer and campaign have different needs. We would work with you to define the success metric that matters to you most. If your focus is on increasing reorders and driving revenue, we'll show you how to do that. If your focus is generating app downloads or decreasing customer service inquiries, we'll help you do that too.

What are some success stories or case studies involving UnDigital's In-Package Personalization?

In-Package Personalization has been successfully leveraged by enterprise brands to increase reorders, build better customer relationships, and grow revenue.

You can read our success stories here: 

How does UnDigital's In-Package Personalization fit into the customer journey?

In-Package Personalization should be applied at every stage of the customer journey.

Example: You can use it to greet first-time customers, introduce your regulars to your loyalty program's benefits, and even delight VIPs with an altogether different unboxing experience.

How much does In-Package Personalization cost?

In-Package Personalization has a variety of variables that make it impossible to provide one-size-fits-all pricing. We can create a quote for your brand during a brief (no-fluff) call.

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How do I get started with UnDigital's In-Package Personalization?

To get started, simply schedule some time with our business development team. We'll use this call to understand more about your needs, what kind of creatives you'd like to deliver, and the best implementation method.

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