Smart In-Package Personalization

Increase customer reorder rates 5% to 25% simply by personalizing their in-package marketing message.

What is Smart In-Package Personalization?

Imagine the ability to instantly print and ship dynamic marketing materials to individual customers based on any data-point in your CRM.

Ecommerce Personalization
Personalized Packaging Platform

The First Platform of Its Kind

Deliver 1-to-1 unboxing experiences (for every customer) through a familiar feeling interface. 

Tried & True
A Million Times Over

See why leading Ecommerce brands schedule, publish, and test their unboxing campaigns with UnDigital.

Personalization Reorder Rates

Data-Driven Marketing

Bring digital insights to physical touchpoints and add a new layer of control to your customer journey.

Dynamic Unboxing Experience

Create Happier Customers

Give your customers the exclusive unboxing experience they deserve with our automated system.

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Dynamic Unboxing Fulfillment

Save Time & Money

Automate your in-package material creation, cut out the middlemen, and watch your reorder rates skyrocket.

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Let's Get Started

Launching a new marketing channel doesn't have to be difficult. UnDigital is your partner throughout the integration and beyond.

UnDigital Unboxing Campaigns
“Using a box as a digital screen is a storytelling opportunity that a lot of brands miss. UnDigital makes it all possible.”
Vasiliki Petrou
Unilever Prestige
“Implementing the UnDigital solution has been a game-changer for our fulfillment & customer retention strategy. It's a home run!”
Rob Bowers-1
Rob Bowers
Concourse Sports
“With UnDigital's In-Package Personalization technology we reduced customer service calls related to our feeding guidelines by 20%.”
Jason Sussman

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