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May 16, 2023

While there are so many individual components that go into running an Ecommerce business and with shipping and sending out packaging virtually. One of the biggest of these components is protective packaging filler.

In fact, protective packaging has become an entire industry in and of itself as more and more Ecommerce companies are looking for new developments in this sphere. Today’s Ecommerce companies are always looking for new developments when it comes to cost, materials, and sustainability.

The right packaging filler can help keep items safe during the shipping process and can even help with your branding efforts. However, not all materials are created equally, which is why finding the right solution is so important. 

So how do you find the right Ecommerce packaging filler and void for your brand? Take a look below.

What Is Ecommerce Packaging Filler? 

Ecommerce packaging filler is a type of insert that goes into the packages Ecommerce brands send out. This type of filler can be virtually anything that keeps your products stable and safe during the shipping and transport process.

All infill products make it possible to protect your products when you ship them, but different brands find that different types of filler work better for their needs. Ultimately, selecting the right packaging filler comes down to a balance between effectiveness, cost, and ease of use.

You want something that works for your types of products, one that is easy to use logistically based on your manpower, and that won’t make your packaging too heavy or put your products at risk. 

The good news is there are a few different options when it comes to packaging filler.

Ecommerce packaging filler


What Are the Most Common Types of Package Filler? 

Packaging filler and void can come in a number. Several are some of the most popular products out there for this type of filler.

Kraft Paper 

Kraft paper is a simple, longstanding filler option that is perfect for products that can get easily scratched in transport. Many brands love kraft paper because it is also a simple, aesthetically-pleasing solution for their packaging needs.

Kraft paper is a cost-effective option for filler. Plus, it can be used creatively and either balled up or layered to fill any voids in the box. Plus, it s recyclable, making it a great option for eco-conscious shoppers. 

However, some brands find that using kraft paper can be time-consuming, and it can sometimes weigh more than other filling alternatives, which can ultimately increase your shipping costs. 


Air Pillows

Air pillows are relatively new when it comes to protective packaging, and many companies are jumping on the bandwagon and using this protective packaging to their advantage.

Air pillows are non-abrasive, making them a great option for products that can scratch easily. They also are great at filling large voids at a low cost. These pillows need to be inflated with a special machine before in the package, making them easier to transport than other filler options.

However, keep in mind that air pillows aren’t suitable for items at a high risk of breaking and may not work well for particularly heavy items or those with sharp edges.

Bubble Wrap 

Bubble wrap is one of the go-to solutions for internal packaging solutions. While there are other newer solutions on the market, bubble wrap continues to stay relevant. Bubble wrap offers some of the best protection for even super fragile items and can reduce the amount of packaging space you use during the shipping process.

Bubble wrap is also popular because it can be used on everything from small, fragile items and large pieces of furniture.

However, bubble wrap can be difficult to store as it takes up a lot of space when it’s not in use, and eco-conscious shoppers should be clear that it is not an environmentally-friendly product. 


Shredded Cardboard 

Since cardboard is already used in many packaging solutions, it’s an easy transition to use shredded cardboard as a filler for packages. This product can be produced from recycled materials, making it an environmentally-friendly process. 

Many companies will actually create their own shredded cardboard to fill boxes on demand with an industrial paper shredder, meaning it’s easy to repurpose cardboard in-house. However, it isn’t always a smart solution, depending on what type of product you are shipping. Shredded cardboard isn’t very soft and can ultimately scratch certain fragile items.


Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts have been around for a long time and for good reason—they work and they’re inexpensive. Packing peanuts are easy to use for filling most packaging voids. They are lightweight and unlikely to negatively impact your shipping costs. They can even be reusable.

However, there are certain products that you can’t use packing peanuts with, such as electronic devices. It is also important to note that packing peanuts are not environmentally friendly. 


Molded Infill

Molded infill isn’t for everyone, but it can provide a customized solution when no traditional options work. These molded infills can be made from either cardboard or Styrofoam and custom shaped closely to match the contours of the product and the box. 

However, these infill solutions can be bulky to store before you use them. However, if you use the right products for these molded infills, such as molded pulp produce—this insert can be very lightweight.

Most common types of package filler


The packing inserts you use are important and will not only help you make a good first impression on your customers—but they will also make sure that your products arrive safely at their final destination.

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