Growing a DTC brand feels like putting on a 200 lb. weight on your back and walking through quicksand. There are good days and bad days. The only constant is change.

When I started my first DTC company in 1999 as a junior in college, e-commerce was in its infancy. Fortunately I was able to figure out how to create my first website in Dreamweaver, setup payments with and send email blasts out with Outlook Express. After five years of ramen noodles I was on to something. Fast forward to today, we are a team of 300 across 5 businesses and $140 million in revenue – crazy!



Scaling DTC brands is as difficult today as it was in the early 2000’s, but for very different reasons. Most brands are competing with a large number of near similar options in the mind of the consumer. Twenty years ago when the internet was turning on in most homes you could convert customers relatively cheap due to lower competition.

Today’s e-commerce marketers have a major technology advantage. Endless tools have been created to provide the right message to the right consumer at the right time. In-Package personalization was one tool that was non-existent several years ago. As I stared at thousands of brown boxes leaving our fulfillment center, I knew there had to be a way to use those boxes as another personal touch. Little did I know at that time that solving this challenging problem would become my number one passion.

My obsession with In-Package personalization was the fact that the receipt of goods is the single most important moment / channel to our customers. I spent so much time focusing on optimizing our funnels to get customers to place an order that I forgot that all those packages on the other side of the building were filled with a massive marketing opportunity. “How can we provide the perfect printed marketing message personalized to every user that we can measure and optimize like any other digitally driven channel?



After years of engineering In-Package Personalization my team and I launched UnDigital. Today, UnDigital provides the only turnkey solution for e-commerce brands both small and large that allows them to unlock the value of their outgoing packages. Our solution is automated for fulfillment, measurable for marketing and personalized for consumers. The beauty of UnDigital is that our brands get to test, measure and optimize the channel and drive unbelievable results. Our brands typically see between a 5% and 15% increase in customer retention rates. One of our brands has seen a reduction in CS contacts by over 20% just by including the right information to the right customer in the box.

My favorite part is seeing all of the creative ways marketing teams deploy In-Package Personalization. Some brands focus on providing helpful tips to get the best out of the items ordered. Many brands provide the perfect product recommendations. Some brands focus on activating more members into their loyalty programs while others provide funny, interesting or engaging content.

The great thing about marketing is that it is ever evolving. We are all continuously learning, testing and adapting. Speaking with CMO’s daily I continuously hear them say “ We know we need to provide a better experience during unboxing .”

Through UnDigital we have built the right solution for today’s forward thinking e-commerce brands. I love that I get to be a part of this exciting journey.