As a website owner, you probably already know about the benefits of using AdSense as an additional source of revenue. It allows businesses to pay to run targeted ads on sites—like yours—that belong to the Google AdSense network. However, participating in AdSense can be a gamble. Advertisements can annoy web visitors, don’t always get reliable click-throughs, and can easily be hidden altogether by ad-blocking plugins. If you’re struggling to get enough targeted traffic to your website to make your AdSense spend worthwhile, it’s time to look into some AdSense alternatives for low traffic.

With that, here are some advertising strategies you might not have tried yet that could help your business drum up additional revenue.

Featured Listings

As the e-commerce market becomes more cluttered, featured listings are an excellent way for retailers to highlight specific products and boost sales. As a website owner, allowing retailers to purchase featured listings also helps you improve the shopping experience for visitors. You can guide shoppers to specific products—perhaps seasonal products or products that are particularly popular at that time—and make some extra cash at the same time.

Featured listings allow you to push products by listing them on highlighted spaces on your website for a specific period of time. This approach makes some products more visible than others—very appealing to providers who want to see their products in privileged positions within your store.

You can negotiate different prices for each category you list, depending on your niche and target audience. You can also organize themed lists for special events, like Halloween, Christmas, or Black Friday, where you can charge more to place products in leading spots.

Featured listings have no adverse effects on your audience as long as you don’t sacrifice user experience just to make more money. The secret is to organize the lists with your visitors in mind, not based on how much extra money you could get. Remember that this method works well as long as you have a consistent audience visiting your website and buying from you. Find a balance between the quality of the listed products and your customers’ expectations to make sure you don’t fail your audience in the long run.

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate program could be one of the most profitable AdSense alternatives for low traffic, as long as you target your audience like a pro. As much as 84 percent of publishers leverage affiliate marketing, and the number is going to grow as affiliate marketing spending increases. If you match the right audience with the right products and brands, you can turn affiliate marketing into a reliable revenue stream for your e-commerce business.

Besides the cash you make, affiliate marketing comes with additional benefits for your website. First of all, you’ll increase trust by association by promoting affiliate products from well-known brands. Consumer trust cannot be underestimated as it gives you a higher chance of converting visitors into buyers—and even repeat customers at that.

Another important advantage of using affiliate marketing in your small business comes from the fact that it allows you to grow your offerings without any of the usual costs of launching new product.

Sponsored Emails

As a retailer, you probably know the power of email marketing by now. With sponsored emails, you can do more than raise brand awareness and promote the best deals from your e-commerce store—you can also promote special offers and content on behalf of your business partners and make some money from doing so.

There are plenty of ways to approach sponsored emails:

  • Include a graphical ad or partner logo
  • Include a sponsored section of copy
  • Include sponsored links
  • Send a sponsored message entirely composed by your partner (clearly disclosing the paid partnership)

Some marketers see monetizing email as a risky AdSense alternative since you risk your audience unsubscribing if they feel they’re being advertised to too often. But if you keep the promotions relevant to your audience, you should be able to avoid a mass subscriber exodus.

If you manage to build stable partnerships with reliable brands, your email list can benefit from the content you include in your email—even if you didn’t write it. Just make sure that you’re GDPR compliant and have your customers’ consent to send these emails.

Final Thoughts on AdSense Alternatives for Low Traffic Sites

When you have low traffic, you can’t afford to lose any leads or potential clients. These AdSense alternatives should help you add value to your website visitors and customers while earning you the extra revenue you’re looking for.