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Marketing today is kind of like the first and second rounds in the NFL draft. It’s difficult to end up with a bad player among your early round picks (although it does happen—just look up Jamarcus Russell) but you can’t build a team with just a few great players either. The best teams win by doing their research and choosing lesser known, but still outstanding players in the later rounds.

Marketing is no different. You can’t carry a business on just a couple of amazing campaigns, nor can you by sticking only to what you know well. The best marketers are in relentless pursuit of new opportunities, constantly testing new techniques and scaling them when they prove to drive results.

For example, we know Google advertising works. When you want potential customers with high intent to find you and see your message, Google advertising—or search marketing—is a no-brainer. And everyone knows it: the amount of insights, articles and web pages dedicated to search marketing, affiliate marketing and Facebook marketing is staggering. A quick Google search for these keywords brings up over 77 million results, and when you include more broadly related keywords, that number only grows.

 How to Acquire New Customers and Thrive Beyond Google

But frankly, search marketing is just a bid for the lowest-hanging fruit. It’s not how the best marketers and brands set themselves apart and get ahead of the pack. There’s a marketing world outside of Google where smart marketers go to thrive: partnership marketing.

In stark contrast to “search marketing”, the keyword “partnership marketing” reveals only 384,000 results. But we know partnership marketing—or marketing collaboration between two companies—works. So if it works so well, why isn’t there more content out there about it? Quite simply: it takes much more planning and financial opportunity.

Accept That Google Advertising Won’t Work Forever

A few years ago I finally faced the reality that Google advertising won’t work forever. While Google search advertising had helped grow the e-commerce company I founded in college from a small startup to a booming business with hundreds of thousands of customers, my keyword universe was tapped out.

Yes, search was still delivering a steady stream of quality prospects, but I was no longer able to drive growth with paid search at a cost per acquisition that made sense. I was stuck, and it was time for a change.

My marketing team and I decided to meet each week to identify new marketing opportunities to drive growth more effectively than we could with search marketing. While many of our tests yielded meager results, one test was a clear winner. You guessed it: partnership marketing.

We connected with a complementary company willing to include our gift card with each of their outgoing e-commerce orders. Upon receiving their order, customers would find a gift card that allowed them to try our services at no cost. The results were extremely promising. We were able to close hundreds of new customers from one small package insert partnership, achieving a lower cost per acquisition than on any of our other marketing channels.

The next question was: how can we scale this test to drive tens of thousands of new customers regularly?

How to Scale Partnership Marketing Campaigns

We learned that scaling co-marketing opportunities, like our newly successful package insert advertising model, is tedious. It involves identifying a complementary brand, connecting with them by sending a cold email or LinkedIn message, negotiating an offer, printing and delivering collateral to them, and squaring up payment. Wow. That’s a lot of work, and we knew there had to be a better way.

That’s when UnDigital was born.

UnDigital makes it simple for marketers to scale package insert partnership marketing. We spent months developing our model, with the goal of making this type of partnership marketing easier to execute than Facebook advertising. We wanted to allow marketers to easily connect with potential partners, test campaigns, measure results, and scale up.

Today at UnDigital, we’re proud to be able to connect you with many leading brands who are open to partnering with you for package insert campaigns. From huge brands like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Cabela’s to smaller niche companies with tightly focused customer demographics, you’ll find the right partner for your campaign on our platform.

Ready to ride the next wave of marketing? Visit the UnDigital marketplace to see all the brands who want to partner with you!