Provide product recommendations inside every package

Increase revenue with
relevant recommendations
for every customer

Trigger a personalized print campaign inside your customers e-commerce package with specific cross sells based on the items they ordered.

of consumers said they have purchased a product they did not initially intend to buy after receiving a personalized recommendation

Increase Order Frequency

By curating relevant product recommendations your customers are more likely to have a reason to purchase. Providing these recommendations on a physical print inside their package capitalizes on their excitement of unboxing their order.

Increase Customer Delight

In addition to providing product recommendations you can also include personalized promotions based on items ordered, AOV, customer location, order number and much more. Your customers expect a personalized experience. With UnDigital you can provide every customer with relevant communication that delivers value and delight inside their package.

Software built for the modern marketer

Your e-commerce packages mimic your digital marketing channels with the impression being a physical and personalized print. No need to correspond with your operations team. You schedule and control all personalized inserts that customers receive in their packages.

Real Time

Update your personalized packaging campaigns in real time as business goals change. Choose your customers, upload creative and have the next e-commerce package leaving your fulfillment center include your message.

AB Testing

Test multiple creatives and campaigns. See what campaigns convert the best.

Attribution done right

Attributing a physical print inside a package? Yes we can. Our real time dashboards show you the number of impressions per campaign, conversions, conversion rate and revenue.

Increase Customer Delight and LTV

Give your customers more than just the sku they ordered. Give them a personalized experience with a call to action.