Top 5 Product Recommendation Engines

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January 24, 2023

In today’s digital marketing world, nothing is as important as understanding your target market of consumers and being able to relate to them directly. However, keeping up with every customer's wants and needs requires a lot of effort. This is where product recommendation engines come in. 

As the name suggests, this technology tracks your website visitors and their activities and automatically recommends products they will be interested in. It’s a powerful marketing tool that automates much of the customer care experience, ensuring each visitor can enjoy a personalized experience. But with several product recommendation engines out there—how do you choose the right one?

 Take a look at some of the top product recommendation engines below.

Product Recommendation Engines
  1. Product Recommendation Engines Definition
  2. Finding the Right Product Recommendation Tool
  3. Adoric
  6. Monetate
  7. Qubit


What Are Product Recommendation Engines? 

Product recommendation engines are tools that allow you to recommend products to your company’s website visitors. These tools use an algorithm to take behaviors into account and recommend useful and relevant products to customers to increase sales. 

Most product recommendation engines use algorithms that collect data such as gender, location, demographic, and behavior to predict purchase intent and recommend products that customers may not know that they are interested in. 

One of the best examples of product recommendation engines in action comes from Amazon. One report by McKinsey and Company revealed that approximately 35% of Amazon sales come from product recommendations—meaning this is a smart solution to help boost your brand’s sales.

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How to Find the Right Product Recommendation Tool?

Different product recommendation tools will work best for different types of brands. Being able to sift through the different product recommendation tools is important. Here’s how to narrow down to one that will work for you.

  • Look at which product recommendation strategies the platform offers. Typically, the more strategies, the better, as it allows you to diversify your approach and try out different approaches to appeal to your customers.
  • Pay attention to the algorithm. The algorithm used behind your product recommendation engine is essential to how the system works. Typically, a hybrid recommendation approach works best as it uses various types of data filtering systems to create a more robust approach.
  • Make sure the engine you use has proven results. Simply put, you want to use an engine that is proven to work for brands and their customers. No one knows your customers better than you, so make sure that the platform has been in case studies before that appeal to your type of consumer.

Take your time to really research each different product recommendation engine—they can vary greatly in terms of what they offer and what they can do for your customers. 

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What Are the Best Product Recommendation Engines?

Ready to find a product recommendation engine that works for you?, here are a few of the top options in the market right now. 

1. Adoric

The product recommendation engine Adoric was designed specifically with sales conversions in mind. This tool is powerful enough to know what your visitors want to buy and then recommend it. This tool creates recommendations on your customer’s real-time behavior on your website.

This tool has audience segmentation features and allows you to showcase recommendations on different pages including your home, cart, and product pages. Plus, it works seamlessly with major Ecommerce platforms like Wix and Shopify for simple integration.



More than 18,000 websites currently use to create a more personalized customer experience. Touted as an “all-in-one” product recommendation engine, it comes with 15 built-in logic systems that can help with product recommendations.

One of the most unique things about this system is that it is also created to automatically adapt and change recommendations based on the season and current trends—making it a great option for Ecommerce businesses with a rotating collection of products. You can use their pre-designed AI technology to ensure that the right products reach the right customers.



This product recommendation engine uses machine-learning algorithms to analyze a customer’s online and offline behavior to suggest relevant products. This particular algorithm focuses on increasing average order value with upsell and cross-sell product recommendations.

What makes the NOSTOS process so unique is that it allows users to access multiple customization options so that your brand can deploy and adjust personalized recommendations along the shopping experience. There are also recommendation algorithms such as best sellers, new inventory, and trending products so that your recommendations can stay relevant, given what’s going on in the market.


4. Monetate

If you are looking for a product recommendation engine that will help improve the visitor shopping experience—give Monetate a try. This engine is designed to help increase product sales and is used by big brands to help turn website visitors into website purchasers.

In addition to offering personalized product recommendations, this platform also has testing, targeting, and customization features so that you can ensure all of your visitors get the best experience possible when visiting your website. 


5. Qubit

Hailed as the first “customer-to-product” recommendation engine, Qubit uses deep learning technology through Google Cloud AI to make real-time changes throughout your customer’s shopping experience. Qubit offers automated check-ups and will troubleshoot issues that could be impacting your sales funnel.

This particular engine uses artificial intelligence to continuously improve so that your customers can access the most relevant real-time suggestions possible. If you want smarter personalization from the same intelligence used for Google and YouTube, this is a great option, particularly for companies with wider-ranging product offerings.



These are only a few of the countless product recommendation engines out there and ones that are specifically catered to emerging Ecommerce brands. No matter what approach you take, a product recommendation engine is one of the most valuable pieces of technology that you can use for your brand. Knowing how to find the right product recommendation tool and then being able to implement that tool can make all the difference in your bottom line. 

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