Ecommerce Handwritten Note Ideas

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May 9, 2023

Running an Ecommerce company is all about harnessing the power of the digital age. However, even with digital communication at an all-time high, it doesn’t mean that web-based businesses need to do everything online. 

Even with the emergence of digital communication, old-school handwritten cards have become an essential way for businesses to set themselves apart. After all, we live in a world overrun by text messages and emails, and handwritten messages are bound to stand out from the crowd.

A handwritten card is one of the easiest ways to show your customers that you care, but it can also be a logistical challenge if you don’t have a plan.

Are you ready to learn more about how your company can incorporate handwritten notes into your company’s current efforts?

Ecommerce Handwritten Note Ideas

  1. Reasons for Sending Out Handwritten Notes
  2. Type of Handwritten Notes Your Brand Can Send
    1. In-Package "Thank Yous"
    2. Birthday Cards
    3. Follow Up Notes
  3. How to Create Handwritten Notes For Your Ecommerce

Why Should Your Ecommerce Company Send Out Handwritten Notes?  

Handwritten notes are an effective way to tell customers that you appreciate their business and value their support. Your customers are essential to the success of your Ecommerce business, and a handwritten note will help them feel more valued. And valued customers are more likely to stay loyal to your business and refer your brand to others.

That’s a lot of value for a simple thank-you note. 

A handwritten card will help humanize your Ecommerce business. Since online brands only operate online, your customers will be missing that face-to-face interaction that they get from brick-and-mortar establishments. All you need to do is quickly write a note and drop it in their package. 

A handwritten note will give your brand that personal touch typically missing in the digital world. It can be that little thing you need to make sure you’re standing out in your customer’s minds.

They are important for new customers whom you want to establish a relationship with and repeating customers who need thanks for your ongoing loyalty and support.

Why send out handwritten notes


What Type of Handwritten Notes Can Your Brand Send? 

There are so many opportunities to utilize handwritten thank-you notes to your advantage with your Ecommerce business. Here are a few of the many ways that you can start sending these notes out to customers. 

In-Package “Thank Yous”

This is perhaps the most common way to utilize thank-you notes. You can include a handwritten note both for first-time customers, thanking them for choosing your business, and for repeat customers whom you want to thank for their continued patronage. 


Birthday Cards

Handwritten or hand-signed birthday notes are a truly underutilized form of communication in the Ecommerce world. Chances are, you’ve seen brands that send out email birthdays or coupon codes during their customer’s birthday month. Personalized birthday notes can offer the same discount but in a more personalized way. 

This is also an opportunity to remind past customers of your brand and encourage them to make a purchase with you.

Follow Up Notes 

Follow-up notes are particularly effective for customers who have made a big purchase or those who are trying a brand-new product. As the name suggests, a follow-up note just checks in with the customer to let them know you appreciate their business and are following up if they have any questions.

Customers often enjoy feeling like the company they purchased from truly cares about their investment, and a simple thank you note can help make this a possibility.

The personalized act of sending a real handwritten note can go a long way, you just need to know how to facilitate it. 


How to Create Handwritten Notes For Your Ecommerce Business

Growing Ecommerce companies in today’s market rely on automation for so many things. It makes the process of fulfilling large orders easier for their business. This is why transitioning from an entirely automated digital process to handwritten notes can seem nearly impossible. Plus, there are logistical limitations to create handwritten notes.

If you’re fulfilling dozens or hundreds of orders per day, chances are you don’t have time to sit down and write out this many notes every day. This is where automated handwritten notes come in. Some services can work with your existing CRM systems to create real, handwritten notes that look and feel as though the CEO of your company sat down and wrote them themselves.

It takes all of the legwork out of writing these notes.

Services such as Scribeless and Simply Noted make this process as easy as a press of a button. While other services that send out automated emails can have messages that get lost in the noise of digital communications—people love handwritten notes. These messages, especially when put in a package, have a 99.9% open rate. Your important message deserves that type of response.

How to create handwritten notes for your ecommerce



Services like this can make sending 1000 handwritten notes as easy as writing out one and can be a simple and effective solution to bringing that much-needed personalization to your online brand. All you need to do is find the right service to help you get started. 

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