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March 18, 2023

If you’re currently relying on Google Chrome as your primary web browser (and who isn’t?) as you run your Ecommerce business, then chances are you have an extension or two to help with your day-to-day responsibilities. The right Chrome extension can make all of the difference in your online web-browsing experience—and the ease with which you run your business.

However, with so many Chrome extensions, it can be hard to narrow down your options and choose the right one. This is why we’ve curated our list of the best Chrome extensions specifically for those in the Ecommerce world.

With the right Google Chrome plug-in, you can save yourself time and make a few of your everyday responsibilities just a little easier. Are you ready to see what the right Google Chrome extension can do for you?

What is an Ecommerce Chrome Extension?

An Ecommerce Chrome extension is a small software program that customizes the browsing experience for those using Google Chrome. While there are all different types of Chrome extensions, Ecommerce extensions enable users to tailor their Chrome functionality and behavior to their individual needs as it relates to their Ecommerce business.

Any Chrome extension, including the ones on this list, can be found through the Chrome Web Store and downloaded in minutes. There are thousands of extensions to choose from, but typically most people only need a handful or a few dozen. After all, having a few thousand different extensions on your web browser can make using the internet even more overwhelming than it already is.

Chrome Extensions are easy to install, and if you find they are distracting or not doing what you want you can remove them with a click of a button through your Chrome settings section.

But where do you begin as an Ecommerce store owner? We have you covered with a curated list of our favorite extensions that can help you and your business.

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What Are the Best Ecommerce Chrome Extensions?

There are so many unique extensions for Chrome, but here are some of the best that can start helping your Ecommerce business today.

1. Page Analytics

Best For Managing Online Presence 

If you don’t have Page Analytics installed yet, then it’s time to do it now (well, after you finish this article). This is your Google Analytics plug-in that helps you see information such as a pageview, the average time you spend on a page, your bounce rate, and more.

What makes this plug-in so great for Google Chrome is it will tell you exactly how specific pages on your website are performing. This means if you have certain pages, such as sale pages or specific product pages that you want to keep track of, you can get info on how they are performing independently from the rest of your website.

The best thing about being able to use this tool as a plug-in is that you don’t have to manually run Google Analytics every time you check on a certain page.

2. Grammarly 

Best For Everyday Use 

This is one of our favorite extensions for Google Chrome (or any browser) and is also one of the most versatile plug-ins out there. No matter what Ecommerce industry you are in, it’s important to make sure that you are communicating in a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand manner. This, of course, means having great grammar.

Here’s the problem—most Ecommerce owners aren’t also expert writers.

This is where Grammarly comes in. This extension will be your personal AI writing assistant that will help make sure that your text is polished and professional. This free add-on will make sure everything from Help Center messages to client emails or letters are all free of grammar errors, so you can give off that professional first impression your business needs.

3. Word Counter Plus

Best For SEO and Product Descriptions 

When it comes to managing your online presence and your SEO efforts, you need to know a little bit about a lot of things, including meta descriptions. These need to be a certain word length in order to work for your optimization purposes.

However, instead of copying and pasting your meta descriptions into Microsoft Word or just guessing, you can use Word Counter Plus. This will help you make sure all of your descriptions are the right word count in an instant.

You can use the word counter tool on any website or document, including your blogs, and never think twice about low word counts again.

4. Commerce Inspector 

Best For Product Research 

In the world of Ecommerce, staying competitive is almost paramount, which means lots of product research and competition research, and chances are, you need a little help getting this all done.

This is where Commerce Inspector comes in.

This user-friendly extension lets you see everything from best-selling products to best-performing Facebook ads for any Ecommerce store. This is a simple and straightforward way to do the much-needed research your brand needs with minimal effort.

While the free version is fairly comprehensive, there is also a paid version that offers even more features.

5. Pexgle

Best For Competitor Research 

If you don’t just want to see how certain products are performing, but you want to see how certain companies are performing, then give Pexgle a try. This extension lets you look at how much traffic your competitors are getting and use well-researched estimates that will let you know not only how the website is doing but which Facebook pages are getting the most traffic as well.

Another great feature that comes with Pexle is the ability to check on suppliers to see what other Shopify stores are selling a certain product. This will give you the valuable insight you need to make informed decisions about the items that you are planning on selling in your Ecommerce store.

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Running an Ecommerce business takes a lot of work, and chances are, you’ll take virtually any type of help possible to make your end of running a business a little smoother.

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