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March 18, 2023

Stop and think about the last time you were at a store and purchased an item off the shelf. Why did you purchase that item? What made you gravitate toward that specific soap, vitamin, or beauty item?

Chances are its packaging had something to do with it. Perhaps the packaging highlighted a certain feature you were looking for. Perhaps it jumped off the shelf because of a bold design or color. Or maybe, the sleek design made the product look higher-end or expensive. 

While the packaging isn’t always going to make the final decision for a buyer—it is going to have some impact on their final decision. This is why stand-out packaging is so important and why your Ecommerce brand may want a little inspiration as you come up with new product packaging that will turn heads.

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Product Packaging Ideas

      1. The Importance of Product Packaging
      2. Product Packaging Trends for 2023


Why is Product Packaging Important? 

No matter what industry you are in or what type of product you are selling, when you sell products through your business, you are competing for attention. Unique packaging is important because it can differentiate your brand from the competition.

While packaging can be helpful in brick-and-mortar situations, and help products jump off a shelf, it can also help with Ecommerce brands that sell their items direct to consumers as well. The right packaging can pop online as well. Plus, the right quality, unique packaging can come with several benefits, including:

  • Better brand recognition
  • Happier customers 
  • More repeat customers 
  • Memorable first impression among new customers 
  • Better unboxing experience for customers
  • Opportunity for personalized packaging and marketing capabilities 

There are so many different ways to use product packaging to your advantage, no matter what industry you may be in or what your goals may be. 

Importance of product packaging


What Are Some Product Packaging Trends To Consider in 2023? 

If you need a little extra inspiration with your product packaging and want to stay on top of trends that will help your brand stand out in 2023, you may want a little extra inspiration. Here are some of the top product packaging trends that can help your company’s items stand out from the competition. 


Sleek and Modern 

One of the easiest ways to create packaging that will get people’s attention is to go sleek and modern. When it comes to packaging, more isn’t always better. Minimalistic designs mean sleek lines, simple color pallets, and clean fonts. 

Sleek and modern can also teeter on the line of futuristic as well if you are really looking to make a statement. We love brands that use sleek and modern packaging for unexpected items that may not normally embrace this type of design. For example, using modern packaging for bottled water that normally embraces “nature-based” designs and colors.


Personalization Everywhere

In a world where digital is everywhere, personalizing the actual packaging of a product is becoming super important. That's where companies like UnDigital come in – they help brands add that personal touch to their packaging and make customers feel special.

Using personalization tokens, like adding someone's name or a custom message, can really make a connection between the customer and the product. It's these little things that build brand loyalty and keep people coming back for more. Plus, having unique packaging helps brands stand out in a sea of sameness, whether it's on store shelves or in online shops.

By focusing on the physical side of things, brands can create a real, hands-on connection with their customers. This kind of personal touch caters to people's desire for individuality and self-expression, and it sets brands apart from those who stick with the same old, generic packaging designs.

So, in a nutshell, adding personalization tokens to product packaging is a great way to connect with customers on a deeper level. With the help of companies like UnDigital, brands can seamlessly mix in these personalized details, making the customer experience even better and boosting brand loyalty.


Have Some Fun With It 

Packaging doesn’t have to be so serious. Take this opportunity to be a little clever and have some fun with your packaging. Snarky sayings, bold slogans, or fun copywriting can help create a strong branding identity and is sure to get the attention of shoppers. 

A great example of this is the company Boxed Water. The exterior of their package simply says, “Boxed Water is Better.” It’s fun, it’s a little tongue in cheek, and it leaves an impression on shoppers while exuding humor and confidence.


Offer a Tactile Experience 

It’s great to appeal to the senses by creating packages that appeal to your sense of sight—but what about your other senses? While you may not be able to create packaging that smells or sounds a certain way to create a memorable experience, there are things you can do to create a memorable “touch” experience.

Tactile experiences stick with people, so think about the materials that you are using when creating your packaging. Remember, as soon as a customer sees your packaging, the next thing they will do is reach out and touch it. You want your customers to have a memorable experience to engage with your products physically in a way that will leave an impression. 

Color, Color, Color

There are very few things that jump off the page, or off a shelf, like a bold color. Bold colors can range from bright and neon to bold jewel tones to unexpected hues for your type of product. The key is that it needs to stick out.

Back to the bottled water example, using blue with water isn’t exactly going to jump off the page, but using a bold blue to sell something like a candle can make more of an impact. Pick a color, or color pallet and stick with it throughout all of your packaging and branding. 


Step away From Ordinary Shapes

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to creating packaging, but in addition to color and copy, you can also try to be different with the shape of your products. Does everyone else use round and sleek shampoo bottles? Consider a square container. Think about the honey containers shaped like bears—it’s really no different than any other material used for honey containers, but it’s the shape that is unique. 

There are options with flexible packaging and unique shapes. Take a look at Patron Tequila bottles. While most tequila bottles are tall, sleek, and skinny, this brand infamously has a short, round bottle with a distinct shape that is very recognizable. 

Look at What’s Inside 

The right packaging is about more than what a customer sees from the outside, it’s about what’s on the inside as well. Your packaging interior matters and is part of the overall unboxing experience. This can include a well-organized interior, bold designs inside the box, or unexpected colors and layouts inside your package.

For example, if you are selling a set of cheese knives and have a beautiful exterior box for these knives, but they’re haphazardly thrown inside a box that is plain on the inside—that’s not going to deliver a memorable unboxing experience. 

But if you have these cheese knives organized inside the box, and include bold branded colors on your interior or decorative protective packaging, you can create a luxurious unboxing experience your customers will remember (and appreciate).

Product packaging trends



Your packaging says so much about your product and your brand. Remember, it goes beyond just aesthetics. You want your packaging to catch the eye of consumers, but you also want that packaging to be a representation of your brand. You want to use quality materials and create packaging that is effective at containing and displaying your products.

The key is to find a balance between professionalism, practicality, and a pretty exterior to make something your Ecommerce brand can be proud of.

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