Dynamic Personalization for Ecommerce

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July 13, 2023

Personalization is an important topic in the Ecommerce industry, with so many brands trying to find ways to make online shopping a more intimate and memorable experience. The idea of tailoring the shopping experience to each shopper may seem like a big undertaking or even a pipe dream for some brands—that is until new technology makes it a much more obtainable objective.

The right technology can allow businesses to cater to the varying needs of each unique customer, creating a more personal experience for shoppers, better conversion rates, and, ultimately, more repeat business. 

If this sounds like the type of edge your business needs to better connect with your shoppers, then it’s important to take the time to better understand dynamic personalization.

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Dynamic Personalization

  1. Dynamic Personalization Meaning
  2. How to Start Implementing Dynamic Personalization
  3. Benefits of Dynamic Personalization in Ecommerce

What is Dynamic Personalization?

Dynamic personalization is a type of content that adapts to each individual customer of your Ecommerce brand. Using artificial intelligence, it learns buying habits and optimized the purchasing funnel process to enhance the overall experience and produce better sales conversions.

Many big companies are already doing this. Chances are, every time you log into Amazon, you quickly see the “suggested purchases” tab that gives you tailored recommendations based on your past behavior. 

For example, if you own an online shoe company, and a customer visits your site looking for white sandals, looks at different styles, and spends time looking specifically at flat white slides, then your brand could use that data to enhance their overall shopping experience.

Your site could recommend white flat sandals, you could send them ads specifically that feature white sandals, or on-site, you could make recommendations that are similar in style or feature the customer’s unique size.

This is dynamic personalization at work. 

The process does this thanks to artificial intelligence and by using algorithms to create insight into each customer, their buying habits, and their individual needs. This includes the following information:

  • Demographics- What is the person’s age and gender? 
  • Location- Where the individual lives or is accessing your content from.
  • Behavior- How they interact with content and past purchases.
  • Devices- Whether or not they use a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Harnessing all of this information, dynamic personalization software will tailor every interaction your customer has with your site to display content, services, or products that are individually suited to your customer.


How To Start Implementing Dynamic Personalization?

One of the most unique things about dynamic personalization is that there are a variety of ways to start implementing it into your Ecommerce brand’s efforts. Typically, a multi-faceted approach using a multitude of tools is the best way to get the results your brand is looking for.

Personalized Recommendations

Brands like Amazon and Netflix have already mastered the art of personalized recommendations to great success. This approach uses data surrounding a customer’s past actions and behaviors to create personalized recommendations for shoppers. 

This approach can help put the types of products certain shoppers are interested in buying right in front of their faces. This can increase the likelihood of current customers becoming repeat customers.

Dynamic Banners

Dynamic banners are all about branching out from customization on your website. These banners create ads based on your demographic and past behaviors. These tailor-made advertisements can recommend specific products, services, or departments to meet customers right where they are and encourage them to visit your site to make a purchase. 

Dynamic banner ads are poised to be the future of personalization in the Ecommerce industry and can help you get an edge on your competition.

Smart Pop-Ups

The right pop-up can be all of the difference between a casual browser and a customer who pulls the trigger and makes a purchase. Smart pop-ups are specifically timed discount codes. When presented at the right time, your customer will be more likely to stay on your site and make a purchase.

You can set pops to appear after a customer has been on your page for a certain amount of time, when they’re about to click out of your storefront, or when they take other specific actions.

Custom Emails

Dynamic personalization is all about making a customer feel special, and one of the easiest ways to make customers feel this way is through custom emails. You want customers to feel as though they aren’t just part of a blast email, but that they are getting a custom-made message right to their inbox. 

This isn’t just including your customer’s name in an email, it’s about making sure you include specialty products and suggestions and perfectly timed emails that will appeal to your customer and their unique needs.


What Are the Benefits of Dynamic Personalization in Ecommerce?

A lot of Ecommerce businesses are entirely new to the idea of dynamic personalization and may have some questions regarding the benefits of this technology and what it can deliver for their brands. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of dynamic personalization. 

It Saves Time

No matter what type of Ecommerce company you run, there is one universal truth about operating these types of businesses: time is money. Rather than spending hours second-guessing what will work best for your customer or manually testing different approaches to see how they work. 

Instead of dynamic personalization, the technology does all of the work for you by personalizing the sales journey process and making sure they are face-to-face with exactly what your customer is looking for.

It Will Help Your Brand Differentiate Itself  

The Ecommerce industry is already highly-saturated, which means it can be difficult for different companies to stand out from their competitors. A lot of Ecommerce brands still haven’t taken advantage of dynamic personalization, and many aren’t using this technology to the best of their ability. 

Harnessing the power of dynamic personalization will make sure you stand out now and don’t fall behind in the future. 

It’s Better For Your Shoppers

Dynamic personalization won’t just benefit your Ecommerce business, it will benefit your customers as well. Every online brand knows that a happy customer is key to a growing business. It’s no secret that online consumers can get frustrated when they get ads that have nothing to do with them or their interests. 

Ecommerce companies can avoid this by making sure their site is only putting forth materials that your customer is interested in as you create more trust in your brand and encourage repeat business.

It Works

At the end of the day, the reason that so many businesses are looking to Chat GPT for their Ecommerce efforts is that it works. Today’s online shoppers are savvier than ever, and Ecommerce becomes the preferred way to shop.  

Online shoppers appreciate a custom approach to shopping, and brands are finding that this leads to more sales as their shoppers are getting tailored recommendations that are proven to deliver results.



Dynamic personalization can help create the tailored shopping experience that so many savvy consumers today expect. Now all your brand needs to do is decide how you’re going to start implementing this strategy into your brand’s current efforts.

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