A high return on your marketing investment can be hard to achieve. It takes trial and error to figure out what your audience will respond to best, and thoroughly testing strategies can be time consuming. But when you need to make the most out of every dollar of your ad spend, that testing can’t be skipped.

The more innovative techniques you test and scale, the higher your chances to increase awareness, boost sales, and grow your brand. And by creating some synergy between marketing, sales, and customer support, you can set yourself up for even greater success. With that, here are seven creative ways to market your business that are sure to bring you big results in 2021.

1. Introduce multi-channel marketing

Multi-channel marketing can help you get a higher return on your marketing investment by spreading your message across several channels instead. Instead of pouring your effort and budget into one channel, you can use a combination of online and offline strategies to give yourself a better chance of reaching your ideal audience through the channels they prefer.

Some of the current most effective channels are SMS (text messages), emails, in-app messages, mobile push notifications, and messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or WeChat.

You can use any combination of marketing channels, depending on your business goals and target audience:

  • Emails are the perfect medium for sending valuable, long-form content that builds brand awareness. Use email to gain trust and guide your prospects through the buyer’s journey.
  • If you have a branded app, push notifications are a quick method to send short, timely messages to your loyal customers. Push notifications create a sense of urgency that can generate higher conversions.
  • Direct messaging via messaging apps can help you build a personalized experience for your prospects and customers. They are highly effective for promoting time-sensitive offers and last-minute deals since messaging apps have 20 percent more active users than social media sites.
  • SMS messaging is great for sending order confirmation codes, allowing customers to track the status of their orders, and even for fielding customer service inquiries.

With multiple channels in use, you’re more likely to be able to retarget efficiently, which means higher chances to convert and register the best ROI marketing can bring.

2. Encourage shopping through social media platforms

To make the most of your 2021 marketing budget, you need to learn how to use social media for more than just driving traffic to your website. For example, consider joining the 25 percent of businesses that are selling their products and services directly from Facebook.

Instagram’s shopping feature is right in line with the social media shopping trend. It allows you to create a virtual storefront that you can share through your feed and Stories. You can tag your products in photos and include all the important details, from prices and descriptions to a direct link fans and followers can use to make a purchase.

People love the social shopping experience because it makes things simple: they see the product in your Instagram Story, click on it and go straight to your website where they can make a purchase in seconds. It’s a great new way to provide your audience with a streamlined buying experience that feels highly personal.

3. Use video in product descriptions

Video content is a powerful tool in your marketing strategy. In fact, website visitors are anywhere from 64 to 85 percent more likely to buy after watching a product video.

Investing in high-quality videos to enhance your product descriptions is money well spent. In fact, many businesses, from Old Navy or Louis Vuitton to Dyson, already use this strategy to capture the public’s eye and influence buying decisions.

Besides being a captivating type of content, Google favors videos, which means they can help you rank higher in search results. Plus, they’re easily shareable. If you’re not already using videos to promote your products and services, now is a great time to start.

5. Be available 24/7 with chatbots

As the line between customer service and digital marketing becomes less distinct, chatbots are growing in popularity. In 2019, chatbots will be the “normal” approach for many customers who want to have a conversation with your brand. At this point, if you ignore chatbots, you simply won’t be able to meet your customers’ expectations.

One in two people say they’re more likely to shop with a business they can message. Chatbots have the advantage of being independent tools—i.e. a customer doesn’t need to download an app in order to speak with someone or make an appointment. They also provide a happy medium between phone-based customer service, which many people prefer to avoid, and email-based customer service, which can be slow.

Whether you run a food delivery service or a bed and breakfast, chatbots can take your business to the next level.

6. Produce less, promote more

Content will be king in 2021, just not in the way you might think. Instead of constantly producing new content, marketers will get better ROI by spending more time promoting existing content on social channels. You can get decent traction by optimizing your content for ROI, but if you neglect to promote it beyond Google, you’re missing out on big opportunities.

Set aside some of your 2019 marketing budget for content promotion for best results. Unlike unpaid social content, which only reaches your existing audience (unless you’re lucky), paid promotions will help you reach your target audience, grow your following, increase web visitors, and ultimately boost sales.

7. Enhance your strategy with personalization

There’s no doubt that personalization enhances your marketing more than a one-size-fits-all message. You’ll have 29 percent higher open rates and 41 percent higher click-through rates with personalized emails than with traditional ones.

One of the most famous examples of successful personalization is Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign. The company’s idea to print common names on Coke labels increased their sales for the first time in 10 years!

For your business, personalized marketing might look a little different. You’ll need to collect relevant data from your customers—e.g. demographics, purchase history, shopping and browsing behavior, pain points—and use it to create customized experiences across all your marketing channels, both online and off. Once you’ve collected enough information, you can divide your audience into a few marketing personas, then create different sales funnels for each.

In 2021, creativity will be the key to getting a high return on your marketing investment, no matter what your budget is. Best of luck in the new year!