The UnDigital Promise

Here at UnDigital, we pride ourselves on providing a done-for-you service that is guaranteed to be the most impactful marketing initiative you implement for the year.

The unboxing experience is far and away the most emotional touchpoint in DTC, and as such, it can generate tremendous increases in relationship-building opportunities, engagement, retention, reorders, and revenue.

The Value of Choosing UnDigital

More than 98% of companies maintain a generic unboxing experience, despite the fact that 89% of marketers report driving an ROI with personalization, and 60% of customers report they are more likely to order a second time when their experience is personalized.

If it's such a terrific opportunity, what's keeping these brands from bringing in-package personalization to their Unboxing Marketing strategy? Uncertainty.

Brand leaders want to be confident that Unboxing Marketing will drive incremental gains and add value to their customer's experience.

Unlike other MarTech platforms, we will prove the value of this touchpoint beyond any doubt, and provide expert guidance every step of the way.

Unboxing Marketing
Unboxing Marketing

Our Commitment to You & Your Team

With UnDigital on your team, you will know you’re doing Unboxing Marketing effectively and that it drives incrementally for your brand within the first 90 days.

We will prepare all of the analytics, and you will be able to verify the results with your internal data.

To date, we’ve never had a customer fail to generate immense value with Unboxing Marketing, and we’ve developed strategies for some of the largest teams in the world.

FAQ About Working With UnDigital

What is working with UnDigital’s Unboxing Experience Platform like?

UnDigital is both a platform and a white-glove service provider. In our platform, you will be able to upload designs, edit audiences, and see big-picture analytics like impressions, prints, and QR scans.Separately, on a monthly basis, someone from our team will prepare an executive analysis of your account’s performance data, create recommendations, and execute any activities (including copy and design) that you approve.

What will an account review consist of? How often are they?

Each month, our team of Unboxing Marketers will review the progress of your active campaigns, provide comprehensive analytics, and make recommendations for new campaigns to run in a call with your brand’s team or main point of contact.

What if we don’t have the bandwidth to generate new creatives?

Our Unboxing Marketers are an extension of your brand, providing a done-for-you service designed to drive revenue and retention. At any point in the process, if you would like additional support, we will design creatives for your team, and you can simply approve them.

Who will receive analyses with our account data?

Your team can designate as many recipients as necessary to receive monthly analyses prepared by one of our performance Unboxing Marketers.

Will we have access to the data used in analyses?

Yes, absolutely. Our data is pulled straight from your order feed, and we will also provide the raw output from our platform for your review in every analysis.

What type of performance can we expect from Unboxing Marketing?

Our average customer sees a minimum lift of 10% in reorders when they follow the guidance of our unboxing marketers.

How can we verify the results internally to verify ROI?

Our data comes directly from you and will reflect exactly what your order feed reflects. With UnDigital’s end-to-end approach to data security, privacy, and control, you can rest easy knowing that the analyses our Unboxing Marketers prepare are fully transparent.

How will adding In-Package Personalization to my Unboxing Marketing strategy generate so many positive results?

From a revenue perspective, In-Package Personalization will increase your reorder rates and brand loyalty. From a customer perspective, you'll begin delivering something new and exciting that will put a smile on their face from day one. You'll go from providing a generic unboxing experience to giving them something special inside every outgoing package. You’ll be able to build an entire customer journey across any number of orders and products.

Start Personalizing Your Packages

Generic marketing gets generic results. It's time to start delivering the unique unboxing experiences your customers deserve.