Frequently Asked Questions

What is UnDigital?

UnDigital is the only self publishing platform for buying and selling package insert advertising.

How do I measure results from UnDigital?

Most customers who are focused on using UnDigital for customer acquisition use a promo code or a vanity URL to track and measure their results.

What types of payment methods do you offer?

Currently we accept all major credit cards. Credit cards are charged when a retailer accepts your artwork. If you have any payment related questions or issues please contact us.

When do retailers get paid?

Retailers receive their payment 25 days after completion of inserting all inserts for an advertiser. Payment can be received in the form of a direct deposit or check.

What types of printed inserts does UnDigital offer?

All printed inserts are currently 5×7 inch double sided prints on premium cardstock. We will have other form factors available soon.

What are your design specs?

Please create your artwork at 5×7 inches with a pixel dimension of 1500px x 2100px.

Do you offer variable printing?

Variable printing is when each insert has something unique on it. If you need variable printing please contact us.

How much does UnDigital cost?

For retailers offering space in their packages there is no fee to create a listing and have advertisers submit their artwork to you for approval. We pass 90% of the revenue received on to our retail partners.

For advertisers each retail partner sets their own price per advertising insert. These prices can be viewed in the marketplace. UnDigital passes on incredible print pricing we receive due to our volumes.  See below:

3 ¢
500k – 1m
4 ¢
250k – 500k
5 ¢
100k – 250k
6 ¢
50k – 100k
7 ¢
20k – 50k
8 ¢
10k – 20k
9 ¢
5k – 10k
10 ¢
2k – 5k
14 ¢
1k – 2k
17 ¢
500 – 1k
22 ¢

All prices include FREE shipping

Still have a question? Let us know.