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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company utilize personalized packaging?

The simple answer is because it works. Delivering the right message to each customer at the unboxing touchpoint will help you lift sales, loyalty, and revenue.

What campaign types are available to engage with customers?

There is no limit to the types of marketing campaigns you can run using the personalized packaging technology. Popular campaigns include recommended products, first-time customer promotions, loyalty activation, omnichannel activation, new product introductions and much more.

How long will the API integration take?

The UnDigital Personalized Packaging API is extremely lightweight. Typically, it only takes 1-2 days to complete the API integration.

Is attribution available for personalized packaging?

Yes. We provide a full analytics dashboard showing you results from every campaign you run. You can AB test and focus on conversion rate optimization.

What size are the printed inserts?

The physical printed inserts are 4×6 inch, single-sided, full-color, high-quality cardstock. Marketing will have complete control over the development of creative. You will not be confined to any predefined templates. Other sizes can be made available.

How to get started?

Contact us and we’ll work directly with you to discuss the specific and straightforward steps to implement Personalized Packaging by UnDigital!