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Give your customers the personalized unboxing experiences they deserve and watch your revenue increase by 10% or more.

What is an Unboxing Experience Platform?

An Unboxing Experience Platform lets you give EVERY customer a physical piece, made just for them, using any piece of data you track. This platform is how DTC giants can send handwritten notes, create tailored brochures, provide order-specific information (like beauty routines), and double their loyalty signups.
Ecommerce Personalization
“Implementing the UnDigital solution has been a game-changer for our fulfillment & customer retention strategy. It's a home run!”
Rob Bowers-1
Rob Bowers
Concourse Sports
“With UnDigital's In-Package Personalization technology, we reduced customer service calls related to our feeding guidelines by 20%.”
Jason Sussman
"Using UnDigital's Unboxing Experience Platform has definitely increased our order volume and our happiness with customers."
Dan Hanlon Super Smalls
Dan Hanlon
Super Smalls
Personalized Packaging Platform

Build Unboxing Campaigns

Turn your Unboxing Experience into a physical touchpoint with a digital foundation.

- Target segments (down to a segment of 1)
- Create messaging for each of them
- Run A/B tests and get increasingly better results

With an Unboxing Experience Platform, you're going to delight your customers in a way you never even thought possible.

Tried & True
A Million Times Over

See why leading Ecommerce brands schedule, publish, and test their unboxing campaigns with UnDigital.

Personalization Reorder Rates

Boost Your Reorders with Unboxing

What would you say if you knew 100% of emails would be opened? That's every digital marketer's dream, or at least it was. Because that's exactly what an Unboxing Experience Platform brings to the table. 
- You build a personalized message
- They open and consume it every time
Start treating the unboxing experience like you would treat your other touchpoints and develop a strategy for it.
Personalized Unboxing Marketing

Create Happier Customers

Put a smile on their face when you deliver the perfect message to every customer.

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Dynamic Unboxing Fulfillment

Save Time & Money

Automate your in-package material creation, cut out the middlemen, and watch your reorder rates skyrocket.

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You're going to use UnDigital's Unboxing Experience Platform to elevate your brand's CX to new heights. The personalization opportunities are limitless and it will become the most impactful marketing initiative you implement this year.

UnDigital Unboxing Campaigns

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