As the pandemic-fueled e-commerce surge stabilizes and heightened competition remains, it’s more important than ever that brands crack the consumer code, which has rapidly evolved over the past two years.

The homebody economy, while not as drastic as the early days of 2020, will continue to influence e-commerce, with 60% of consumers planning to spend more time at home this year than before the pandemic. So, how do you gain and retain customers in a post-pandemic e-commerce world?

Promote Your Purpose

In addition to shifting our shopping habits, the pandemic shifted our mindset as well. It sparked a resurgence of community-oriented values and comes at a time when the link between consumer values and brand purpose is at an all-time high. In fact, more than 9 out of 10 Gen Z shoppers base their brand loyalty on shared values.

To set your brand apart and form a stronger bond with your customers, highlight your mission and values in your marketing materials. S’well has a goal to eradicate plastic water bottles, Bombas is helping the homeless, Tentree plants (you guessed it) 10 trees for every item of clothing you buy. Whether you want to save the world or simply ban bubble wrap from your boxes, promote your purpose along with your product to attract like-minded consumers.

Deals + Discounts

We all like a good deal, but job losses and inflation pressures have heightened the coupon’s compulsion over us. More than half (53%) of consumers admit they’re pushed to purchase when there’s a deal of some kind, while nearly half (47%) will only purchase products that are on sale or discounted. So, incorporate a deal or promo code in your marketing materials.

Premium Customer Experience

You’ll need to offer more than a discount code to keep your customers. Beyond product quality and price, buyers now expect a premium customer experience, with personalization, easy access to customer service, and speedy service. Two-thirds of consumers will turn to a competitor that offers a better experience.

“It comes down to creating a compelling experience, regardless of channel,” says James Brooke, founder and CEO of Amplience.

Loyalty programs

Brand loyalty took a hit in 2020, as supply chain issues and increased demand forced customers to shop around. You can make your customers feel valued – and more likely to stick around – by offering a loyalty program. In addition to customer retention, loyalty programs also offer valuable data that can be used to segment your audience and customize offerings.

The homebody economy spurred a seismic shift in shopping habits. Modern consumers have high expectations for experience and personalization, and they’re willing to jump ship for convenience or a good deal. Surviving the post-pandemic e-commerce world is about creating a bond with like-minded consumers, elevating the customer experience and offering customization whenever possible.

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