As more brands work to shift their marketing strategy from a multichannel to omnichannel approach, many let digital dominate the limelight, while the physical experience falls behind. Yet the only way to successfully execute an omnichannel strategy is by fusing the physical experience with the digital world (known as “phygital”).

Multi-channel marketing allows consumers to interact with a brand via multiple channels, but each channel is isolated and unique. While omnichannel weaves the channels together, seamlessly blending online and offline touchpoints for a more cohesive consumer journey.

Omnichannel Essentials

The benefits of switching to an omnichannel strategy are clear – it produces better attribution data, increased revenue, stronger brand awareness, and a better customer experience.

The elements involved in an omnichannel execution include journey mapping, marketing automation, data sharing, audience segmentation, clear success metrics, and the proper tech stack.

Above all else, it’s important to always keep the customer experience and personalization top of mind.

Omnichannel personalization – which experts call the future of marketing – can be overwhelming, even for seasoned marketers. More than a third of digital marketers consider personalization ‘very difficult’ to implement, according to Econsultancy’s CRO report.


of pros say personalization is ‘very difficult’ to implement

Tapping Technology

The key to harnessing the power of personalization is to embrace technology solutions that simplify and automate the process. Ad-tech platforms like UnDigital allow brands to create, schedule, and test personalized marketing campaigns at scale.

Beyond automating the personalization process, these tools also need to harvest and digest the data to help enhance future campaigns. Leveraging data insights from omnichannel marketing allows teams to understand their customer’s journeys more holistically.

Unboxing Your Omnichannel Approach

A physical realm that is often overlooked in an omnichannel approach is the package unboxing experience. Nearly 360 million packages are delivered to doorsteps every single day. That’s an immense opportunity for marketers to connect with consumers.

Recent studies have shown that shifting marketing models to target various milestones within the customer purchase lifecycle, including the physical unboxing experience, yields the strongest results.

That’s why UnDigital invented Unboxing Marketing Automation to tap into a key milestone within the customer experience: the moment of unboxing. Combining software and on-demand printers, UnDigital helps brands print the perfect, personalized marketing message inside their package at the fulfillment center. A customized dashboard lets brands track buyer behavior and make real-time adjustments to optimize their campaign.

At this point, in 2022, brands should be looking at physical channels with a digital lens – using data and automation technology to deliver targeted messages at key milestones within the customer journey.

There is a myriad of messages presented to customers. What do you want yours to be at the critical moment of receiving their first package from you?

About UnDigital

UnDigital is the inventor of Unboxing Marketing Automation. With UnDigital’s proprietary combination of software and on-demand printers, you can deliver the perfect marketing print inside every outgoing package. Think Google retargeting for packages. Leading retailers that use UnDigital to personalize the unboxing experience have increased customer retention by up to 15 percent.