PERSONALIZATION … It might be the biggest buzzword in marketing.

Every marketing department at every B2C company wants to personalize every message throughout the customer journey. Companies understand the power of personalization but only a small percentage get it right.

Marketing personalization is nothing new. The smartest companies used some type of personalization well before the digital age. ‘Back in the day’ many companies employed teams of statisticians to figure out how to maximize money from current customers. They used key metrics like recency, frequency, and money spent … just like marketing analysts today.

The goals then are the goals today …

  • Maximize revenue from current customers
  • Minimize short-term and long-term acquisition costs
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Find new revenue from current products and new product lines Maximize customer retention and market share

A Surprising Personalization Tactic That’s Working Extremely Well

The digital age has made data collection and personalization easier. No secret there. You can personalize someone’s emails, texts, and even the web pages they see. Plus there’s access to a lot of data … maybe too much.

However, despite all the tools and despite all the data, I still see companies make big-time mistakes when it comes to personalization. I see these mistakes all the time when people market their products and services to me.

  • Emails and mailed pieces get my name correct then fail to provide anything else of value or interest.
  • I regularly receive offers and promotions that don’t seem like a good fit for me.
  • A lack of personalization … even from companies that claim they “get it.”
  • A branding-based approach that cannot be accurately measured … lots of pretty pictures and not much else.

When it comes to marketing personalization, you have a pretty simple decision. You can pay lip service to personalization … or you can use proven strategies and tactics so you get personalization right. And one of these tactics will surprise you.

Gain a 5% to 15% Boost In Long-Term Customer Retention By Getting Personalization Right …

To help make personalization work for major B2C brands, here are some keys we’ve discovered:

  • A commitment to making personalization become part of the fabric of a marketing department.
  • Personalization goes way deeper than simply putting someone’s name on an email or printed piece. Anyone can do that.
  • Measurement of incremental revenue. What is the lift your personalized marketing campaigns are delivering?
  • Constant testing. Establish controls. Aim to beat those controls.

When you achieve a high level of personalization, you can dramatically increase revenue from existing customers … plus new ones.

Achieve Powerful Results With a “New Old” Channel

Personalization must take place through your digital channels. However, here at UnDigital, we’re helping companies achieve a 5% to 15% increase in customer retention using personalized print pieces.

Yes, read that correctly … PRINT.

When one of our clients ships a package to a customer, the package includes a fully-personalized printed piece with a carefully-crafted message. This printed message takes into account all of the known data points about your customer to provide value, delight and discovery unique to that customer. 

The personalized marketing message is printed right in the company’s fulfillment center and takes exactly 2 seconds to insert into the package. Everything is totally seamless.

In-Package Personalization has two incredible benefits:

  • A measurable increase in customer re-order rate. Yes – unboxing marketing is a significant revenue accelerator for e-commerce brands when done right.
  • It elevates your brand in the eyes of the customer.

In our experience, every B2C company wants the benefits that come with a personalized printed piece in every package. However, very few companies have the software, experience, and hardware to personalize their pieces.

That’s where UnDigital comes in. We can partner with your marketing department and have a personalization program set up in less than 30 days.

This means you can quickly ramp up customer retention and revenue using a proven platform. Print may seem old-fashioned but, using the latest technology, it’s a powerful way to generate significant revenue through the power of personalization.

About UnDigital

Founded in 2018, UnDigital is an ad-tech platform that specializes in personalized unboxing technology. We supply brands with the software and on-site printers to create, schedule and test personalized marketing campaigns in real-time. The printers connect to the software to ensure the right customer receives the correct print, based on attributes and campaign objectives, at the moment the package is being shipped.

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