Easily increase loyalty activation

Engaging customers
maximizes loyalty programs

Trigger a personalized print campaign to non loyalty members inside their e-commerce package. With Personalized Packaging technology you can provide specific rewards earned for each customer and a scan to register qr code to sign up for your program.

of consumers agree they spend more after having joined a loyalty program.

Increase loyalty enrollment and increase revenue

There is no stronger ambassador than a loyal customer. Providing your customers compelling enrollment information at the time of unboxing is a surefire way to grow your program. You can provide a loyalty campaign to specific audiences based on their loyalty status, location, order number, LTV, products ordered and much more.

Increase Customer Delight

Showcase loyalty rewards earned specific to every customer inside their e-commerce package. This is the perfect moment to drive awareness and enthusiasm around your loyalty program.

Software built for the modern marketer

Your e-commerce packages mimic your digital marketing channels with the impression being a physical and personalized print. No need to correspond with your operations team. You schedule and control all personalized inserts that customers receive in their packages.

Real Time

Update your personalized packaging campaigns in real time as business goals change. Choose your customers, upload creative and have the next e-commerce package leaving your fulfillment center include your message.

AB Testing

Test multiple creatives and campaigns. See what campaigns convert the best.

Attribution done right

Attributing a physical print inside a package? Yes we can. Our real time dashboards show you the number of impressions per campaign, conversions, conversion rate and revenue.

Increase Customer Delight and LTV

Give your customers more than just the sku they ordered. Give them a personalized experience with a call to action.