Why Your Niche Business Should Be Using Insert Media Advertising

For niche businesses, traditional marketing can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. Between market research, defining target audiences, and finding the right platforms for advertising and distribution, many companies lose considerable time and money just trying to find the most appropriate avenue to promote their products and services.

Insert media advertising, on the other hand, provides niche businesses a direct way to leverage the power of association in a cost- and time-effective way. By placing small, tailored insert ads into the e-commerce packages of complementary brand partners, nearly any business can grow their audience and boost their business without all the characteristic marketing hassles.

Insert media advertising is a market research shortcut

Insert media advertising is a market research shortcut

Even without extensive research, anyone who has spent time building and promoting their business probably has a pretty good idea of who their target market is (or at least a portion of it), but reaching them is a larger hurdle.

By partnering with a complementary brand, niche businesses can take advantage of the well-defined audience their partner has already established, saving on the need for additional research. In fact, by testing across numerous brands, package numbers, and types of inserts, businesses can gauge their success with each one and scale their efforts based on the results, evaluating and promoting in a continuous, increasingly economical cycle.

It’s also cost effective

It’s also cost-effective

Finding the right advertising platform is rarely an easy task. Even if you find an appropriate channel, there aren’t always many budget-friendly options available to test the waters with, which may leave you buried under a campaign that cost too much and returned too little—or without a campaign at all.

By being able to explore a marketplace full of hundreds of businesses with a variety of price ranges and numbers of packages, you can effectively test many markets and brands while enjoying full transparency when it comes to cost and level of commitment.

While local magazine ads can be as cheap as $500, recent research has shown that taking out a full-page color ad in a national magazine averages around $250,000. While that provides exposure to millions of people, a combination of the initial investment cost, being at the mercy of the issue’s content, and the low likelihood of a reader actually reading the ad can be significantly discouraging for most niche businesses.

Direct mail can be just as brutal. Outside of design, printing, and mailing costs, you may also have to deal with quickly being lumped in with junk mail sent the same way, often resulting in low conversation rates and ROI.

In contrast, media inserts can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, still reach thousands of customers, and are easy and affordable to test and scale. Insert media advertising is the perfect option for niche businesses who don’t have giant budgets and timelines to experiment with.

It invokes the power of association

It invokes the power of association

Building a brand takes patience, dedication, and know-how and can be a slow and daunting process, even for experts. But insert media advertising helps niche businesses take advantage of the reputations that well-established brands have already developed.

Including your insert ads with a reputable brand’s outgoing customer shipments boosts your credibility by association and saves your messaging from being glossed over or lumped in with junk mail.

And its view rate is top notch

And its view rate is top notch

Most people have become so inundated with advertisements, they’ve been trained to avoid them altogether. And it isn’t difficult either. Billboards can be ignored. Magazine pages can be turned. Online ads can be blocked. Direct mail can be quickly scanned and considered junk mail. Television ads can be turned down, muted, or ignored with the change of a channel. Once consumers know the advertising routine, they know how to avoid it.

Although there are some corners of the marketing world that believe improving the overall quality of advertisements may mitigate some forms of ad avoidance, changing the context of exposure can make a significant difference as well.

For most people, getting the mail isn’t all that exciting when bills and junk mail are the norm. The same holds true for television and online video ads, which are dwindling in the age of ad-free paid subscriptions.

By contrast, most people are excited to open a package they ordered from a brand they’re loyal to. And package insert ads aren’t intrusive in size or in number—most brands put a cap on the number of inserts allowed per package. A limited number of allowable ads means there’s limited competition for attention, which can’t be said for most other advertising venues.

All of these factors combined have the potential to generate a view rate of nearly 100 percent, and even if that doesn’t convert those customers outright, it certainly helps to establish brand awareness.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Every marketing channel has its disadvantages, but insert ads let you avoid most of them. Using a package insert advertising marketplace lets you test ads on a wide spectrum of engaged audiences and build brand awareness at a price that perfectly suits your budget.