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When you submit your listing to the UnDigital Marketplace, you’ll receive an array of campaign bids from advertisers of all types. Some bids will include a higher price per package than others, and others will strike you as more creative than the rest. Our platform doesn’t automate the approval process for bids from advertisers, so it’s up to you to choose among them. But how do you decide which ones to accept?

The reason UnDigital doesn’t automate the bid approval process based on price is that while some bids may include a higher price per package than others, the more important metric to consider when choosing campaigns is ROI per package.

ROI per package is a measure of the increase in your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) driven by increasing the perceived value of your brand.

The promise of co-branding

By choosing to co-brand by adding an advertiser’s messaging to your customers’ unboxing experience, you’re entering into an important strategic partnership with them. Co-branding combines the equity of two or more brands to increase the perceived value of both products or services in the eyes of the consumer. The success of one brand elevates the visibility of the other.

In the UnDigital Marketplace, both retailers and advertisers have an opportunity to communicate a specific value proposition to one of the most captive audiences available: active customers fresh off of a purchase.

Small to midsize retailers and advertisers gain perceived legitimacy by partnering with larger, more widely-trusted brands, and larger retailers and advertisers benefit from small businesses’ access to niche customer segments.

Selecting an unboxing experience partner

On a psychological level, a consumer’s perceived value of a brand is based on the observed value of what they receive for what they pay. Furthermore, according to a recent study, 40% of ecommerce customers would be likely to make a repeat purchase from a brand simply because they delivered a memorable or “giftlike” unboxing experience.

That means it’s more important than ever to create value at every customer touchpoint, even after a purchase has been made. Co-branding is the perfect way to do just that.

So what criteria should a retailer consider when selecting a campaign besides what the advertiser is willing to pay?

Relevance to target market

You wouldn’t create an advertisement without researching what images, messages, and sounds would be pertinent to your target customer, right? This same level of care should go into choosing inserts for your packages.

Consider the following questions:

  1. How many points of overlap, in demographics or behavior, can you identify between the advertiser’s target market and your own?
  2. Do your brand values align? If your brand is controversy intolerant, is the advertiser known for taking a stand that would offend any of your possible package recipients?
  3. Does the offer on the insert compete with any of yours, or are they promoting a complementary product or service?
  4. How would you compare your brand’s personality with the advertiser’s?

Many of your answers to these questions may be based on first impressions, but that’s what visual branding is all about: shaping perceptions about your business or organization through creative advertising choices.

Strategic opportunity

The next thing you should consider as you choose a bid is whether you can leverage the advertiser’s strengths to benefit your brand. You’ll want to choose bids that will enhance or complement the image you’re after.

Partnering with brands that are viewed positively by the public can help move the needle on perceptions you want to shift. For example, working with a well-known or highly-revered advertiser can increase customers’ perception of your legitimacy as a retailer. It gives customers confidence in your brand and may inspire them to make other purchases with you in the future.

Creative quality

Creative—or the visual and written elements in an ad—has been found to be the single most important factor in the impact of advertising, accounting for 52% of the ad’s efficacy over time. In fact, one European study found that one euro invested in a highly creative ad campaign had nearly double the sales impact of a euro spent on a non-creative campaign.

Your goal, besides earning incremental revenue from advertisers’ package insert campaigns, is to create an unboxing experience that improves customer loyalty and ultimately customer lifetime value.

As you look through bids, ask yourself the following questions around creative quality:

  1. How would you rate the advertisement’s originality, clarity, and aesthetic value?
  2. Can you quickly and intuitively understand the advertiser’s offer and how to redeem it?
  3. Would you be convinced by the offer to patronize this business?

Considering the answers to each of these questions will help you determine whether the campaign at hand would help create a valuable unboxing experience for your customers.

The smartest co-branding partnerships begin with more than just an attractive bid—they start with thoughtful consideration around brand image and customer experience.

Ready to kick off your next campaign? Visit our Advertiser page to learn more or visit the Marketplace to get started.

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