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Who is Undigital

We are marketers who never stopped searching for opportunities to innovate. We are marketers who turned a $5,000 total investment into thriving 300 person e-commerce company. We faced enormous challenges along the way.

The digital marketing channels that once effortlessly guided our growth came to a halt. We did not panic. We searched out new terrain. We found our terrain and decided to bring it to the world. We are Undigital. Results are waiting for you.

The feeling of jumping your trajectory. Increasing your KPI’s. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning. This is what drives the marketer in all of us. We are here to contribute to your celebration.

Ryan Millman

Marketing is my golf

Self described table tennis and air
hockey champion of the world

Cory Plowman

Professional problem solver

Describes Ryan as the table tennis and
air hockey champion of the world

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